Gretchen R. CroweGretchen R. Crowe is editor-in-chief of OSV Newsweekly, where she oversees the publication of the only national Catholic weekly newspaper in the United States. In addition to planning and editing the print edition, she also oversees the content of and Our Sunday Visitor’s social media content.

An award-winning writer and photographer, Gretchen has been a member of the Catholic Press Association since 2005, where she serves on a liaison committee of the Catholic Press Association and Catholic News Service. She covered both the 2015 pastoral visit of Pope Francis and the 2008 pastoral visit of Pope Benedict to the United States. Gretchen joined Our Sunday Visitor in March 2013 as OSV Newsweekly editor.

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Gretchen's Latest from OSV: Why the Rosary, Why Now

Why the RosaryWhy the Rosary, Why Now? is an accessible and inspiring compilation of texts woven together with personal anecdotes that outline eight persuasive reasons why the Rosary should be an essential part of every Catholic’s life. Using the eloquent and inspiring writings of holy men and women who share a love of, and commitment to, the Marian prayer, editor Gretchen R. Crowe makes a compelling case for why praying the Rosary is more critical in today’s 21st-century world than ever before.

Why the Rosary, Why Now is not a typical “how-to book” about the Rosary. This is the "why-to book” that will inspire you to reach for your Rosary more often, and in doing so to receive the gifts it offers to each of us and the world.

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