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  • Scripture Footnotes: The World of Jesus

    Bible expert George Martin answers hundreds of other questions about the world of Jesus Christ with fascinating facts and information, a comprehensive index of key words, and maps of Palestine and Jerusalem at the time of Jesus.

    With Scripture Footnotes as your guide, you’ll be able to read the four Gospels — and all of Scripture — like never before!

    George Martin
    Item: T1846
  • Father Solanus Casey, Revised and Updated

    Detailing Father Solanus Casey’s gentle, cheerful witness with first-hand personal accounts and 16 pages of photos, this book reminders reader that extraordinary holiness hides in the most seemingly ordinary circumstances and people.
    Catherine Odell
    Item: T1929
  • Tuned In: The Power of Pressing Pause and Listening

    Relationship experts Art and Laraine Bennett offer advice, techniques, and practical suggestions for shutting out the distractions and becoming a better listener. Using real life situations woven throughout with scriptural reflections, the Bennetts offer profound and practical advice for improving your relationships through the art of listening.
    Art and Laraine Bennett
    Item: T1809
  • God's Guide for Grandparents

    As special as time spent with grandchildren can be, we know that being a grandparent is a supporting role. So, how can grandparents truly make a difference in their grandchildren’s lives? Drawing on sacred Scripture, the example of the saints, the teachings of the Church, the writings of Pope Francis, and real-life anecdotes, grandparents learn to make the most of their opportunity to have a positive and lasting impact in the lives of grandchildren.
    Susan M. Erschen
    Item: T1835
  • The Miracle and the Message: 100 Years of Fatima

    Author John C. Preiss describes in clear detail the Blessed Mother’s appearances to Lucia dos Santos and Francisco and Jacinta Marto and shares the background, sights, and sounds that draw you into the events as they unfolded over the course of the twentieth century.

    More than just a history lesson about the apparitions, The Miracle and the Message shows us how to claim the message in our own lives and fully embrace what Mary offers the Church and the World.

    John C. Preiss
    Item: T1882
  • Tied in Knots: Finding Peace in Today's World

    From snarls in the workplace to hitches on the home front, most of us find ourselves shaking our heads thinking: Is there any way to untangle this mess I call life? Greg Willits, Catholic author, media trailblazer, husband, and father, has experienced his share of knots, and he’s here to assure you that there’s no tangle you can’t undo — provided you have the right tools.
    Greg Willits
    Item: T1840

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